Robbers Attack Bank Customer in Bayelsa

Robbers attack a bank customer in Bayelsa but was rescued by some residents and policemen who stopped the robbers from stealing N10M.

A bank customer in Bayelsa State was saved by some residents and a team of policemen from being robbed of N10m cash by a gang of armed robbers on Monday, the 15th March.

The incident took place around the Sani Abacha Expressway in Amarata area of the state capital, Yenagoa. The victim went to withdraw the money from a commercial bank.

Based on the information received, the customer emerged from the bank, entered his car. As he drove to his destination, the hoodlums struck.

An eyewitness, Mary Fabi, said the criminals trailed the customer with a Sport Utility Vehicle. They also shot him several times, but he refused to stop.

She said the robbers also aimed the tyres of the victim’s SUV, which forced the vehicle to skid off to the other side of the road and somersaulted a couple of times before hitting a commercial tricycle, but nobody died.

The accident caused traffic build-up on the busy road as sympathizers chased the armed robbers, who escaped without the targeted cash.

The policemen’s efforts at the bank and the sympathizers reportedly prevented the armed robbers from carting away the N10m cash.

The Robbers that attacked the bank customer in Bayelsa unfortunately escaped but thankfully no one was harmed. The customer in question was saved from losing his hard-earned money. Kudos to the policemen who immediately took action and the residents who went out of their way to pursue the robbers.

Moving Forward

One has to be extremely careful because the current security situation in Nigeria is quite questionable.  We have to be very alert and watch out for signs when it comes to criminal activity. Human intuition can’t be overemphasized at this point.

Despite the fact that there are police officers and army officials, they can’t protect everyone. So it is vital that we do our part to stay safe and be our brother’s keeper.

When there is an impending attack on someone close to you, ensure you do what you can to help.

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