“Before midterm break my daughter Mojisola called me and told me that some students threw stones at a combat officer and her name was mentioned and she didn’t do it. She said the displinary committee called them and she tried to explain herself that she didn’t do it but she was only on the lawn because it wasn’t time for light out. The statement she wrote before they were called was collected by Mrs Nwokebelu (Vp Academy) then when they called them she said she wrote she didn’t do it and squeezed it and threw it back at her, she was still telling them that she wasn’t involved then Mr Amoo slapped her that she was lying. She was asked to collect another paper from Mr Jimoh in order to write another statement saying she did it and she brought up the the idea as three students said she did. My daughter was taking to a side in the office to write it, she met Mrs Jolaoluwa who had taught her before and is her house mistress presently so she tried explaining to herself thinking she will listen to her for the fact that she knows her but she didn’t, and said they said “ you’re part and even the leader” so write it down. She wrote it down forcefully and out of fear, after writing she still tried explaining ,then Mrs Nwokebelu told her to get out that by the time they finish with her, her parents will cry and she’ll join them.
On the 15th of February I went to pick my daughter from school, then she said I needed to see the Vp students Affairs. On getting there I was given a letter that stated indefinite suspension from school for my daughter.
I went back after the midterm on the 22nd of February 2022, the principal couldn’t attend to us because she had to attend the inter_house_sport, so we were directed to another person involved in the case and we were told we had to write a letter of appeal which we did. Then we told her about the slap and we were invited the next day by the principal, then she asked us to explain everything which we did and told her we weren’t there for fight but to beg her to call the girls back. She asked my daughter if she threw any stone and she said No. Without setting up any enquirer, she assumed all her students are lairs and she must be involved. She also without any investigation concluded my daughter lied that she was slapped, I tried to show her old discussions with a doctor in the US on medicine she could use for her ears, she had problems before the devastating slap, which makes it difficult for her to sleep.
So the principal asked us to write a letter through her to the PERMANENT SECRETARY which was did immediately, till date we haven’t heard anything from the school. The session is now over three weeks.
I am more or less a widow, her father has dementia. I am struggling to raise three children I pleaded. Especially when my daughter was not involved.
Please we are appealing to the public to come to our aid, please don’t allow the innocent to die in place of the guilty.
My daughter has been crying seriously so I call on mothers and wonderful fathers to please🙏🏾help us for we have no one😭
I spoke to one of the girls that threw stone truly and was also given indefinite suspension from school and fortunately I was able to record and she said she didn’t see my daughter present there, I sent the recording to the PTA chairman made several calls and sent several messages but till now I’m still waiting for his responses”
Voice Of The People Of Nigeria  found out that she’s selective in her judgement. There are cases of cultism among the junior but they were only given two weeks suspension but gave indefinite suspension to an innocent child that even tried to explain herself. The school had pictures of the girls dressed in white wrappers with chalk marks, drinking some concoction during the initiation. There’s another girl named who didn’t also take part in the act but was given indefinite suspension just like Mojisola
We also learnt that Other girl was also slapped, by one of the Vice Principals in the school.
For how long will this kind of act continue in the life’s of the minor.

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