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Samsung S24 ultra and iPhone 15 pro max (Galaxy AI)

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has launched a new way of searching that will transform how Galaxy users explore the world around them with Galaxy AI. By simply holding down the home button of the Galaxy S series, users can select, mark, draw on, or touch anything on Galaxy S24’s screen and get useful, high-quality search results.

Galaxy AI leverages artificial intelligence to enhance every aspect of the Galaxy series, from facilitating seamless communication with smart text and call translations, to unleashing creative potential with Galaxy’s ProVisual Engine, to introducing a new paradigm of search that will revolutionize how Galaxy users interact with their environment.

Galaxy AI also brings meaningful intelligence that aims to improve every facet of life, especially the phone’s most essential function: communication. When you want to overcome language barriers, Galaxy S24 makes it simpler than ever.

With Interpreter, live conversations can be immediately translated on a split-screen view so people facing each other can read a text transcription of what the other person has said. It even works offline.

Sung-won Jung, the CEO of Samsung Electronics West Africa, said that for messages and other apps, Chat Assist can help refine conversational tones to ensure communication conveys the intended meaning: like a courteous message to a colleague or a snappy phrase for a social media caption.

“AI integrated into Samsung Keyboard can also translate messages in real-time in 13 languages. In the car, Android Aut will automatically condense incoming messages and suggest suitable replies and actions, like sending someone your ETA, so you can stay in touch while staying safe on the road.

“Organization also gets a big boost with Note Assist in Samsung Notes, featuring AI-generated summaries, template creation that simplifies notes with pre-made formats, and cover creation to make notes easy to find with a quick preview. For voice recordings, even when there are multiple speakers, Transcript Assist uses AI and Speech-to-Text technology to transcribe, summarize and even translate recordings,” he said.
Joy Tim-Ayoola, the Head of Mobile Division of Samsung West Africa, said that Galaxy S24 is also the first Galaxy S series to be made with recycled steel and Thermoplastic.

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