Taxi Driver Physically Assaults Two Sisters

A taxi driver physically assaults two sisters for refusing to pay a different amount from what was stated in the application.

” I screamed For Help But The Driver Loçked The Doors, No One Could Hear Me – Lady Says.

Taxi, Uber is a suitable mode of transportation; people choose to use them because they are fast and comfortable. But today, most kidnappers have started using Taxi as a means to kidnap people.

This morning, a young lady shared a post on what was going on between her sister and a Taxi driver. According to the lady, she and her sister traveled from Ogba to Ojota; she opened the bolt app and saw that the sum of N1,100 would be enough for the transport fare.

The moment she noticed the driver taking another route, she immediately called the driver’s attention and told him to follow an easy and faster lane. But the driver didn’t listen to her, and when they got to the traffic, she told the driver that the amount she saw in the bolt app is what she will pay.

On getting to their destination, the driver told them they are to pay N1300 because of the minor traffic, and she informed the driver that what she will pay is N1100, not N1300, and she told the driver to leave earlier, but he refused.

The driver rejected the N1100 and locked all the Taxi doors so they will not escape, the lady said they screamed, but the driver did not answer them; luckily for them, a LASTMA officer was passing by.

“Immediately, the driver saw the cops; he jumped in the car and beat up my sister and me. Thanks to God, the LASTMA came to their rescue.”

Sadly, kidnappers and criminals have taken over private taxi services. One has to be very cautious to avoid becoming a victim of such. The security level in Nigeria is gradually becoming questionable daily. The government needs to step in to protect the lives of its citizens.

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