By Naijatruth

The Federal Capital Territory FCT Minister, Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, called for an emergency security meeting on Tuesday, following the surge of kidnappings by bandits in Bwari Area Council and other parts of the territory.

He reassured the residents that his administration and the security forces were on top of the situation and urged them not to panic.

He said; “We are all aware of the security situation in the Federal Capital Territory, especially Bwari and some other areas that have faced security threats. I know that sometimes the Press exaggerate what is happening but we have a duty to ensure that FCT is safe.

“We will do everything we can and we assure Nigerians who live here that there is no cause for alarm. We are taking every measure to ensure that those threats are dealt with”.

“So, this meeting is to examine those threats and see how we can solve the problems and that is why we invited all the Council Leaders because they have a role to play in their various Area Councils”.

“We will work together and find solutions. For the Press, this is to let you know that we are not resting, security is not resting. We will give them all the support they need to remove the fears of the citizens or residents”.

Wike also cautioned council leaders against frequent travels, saying they must stay in their councils and handle the issues within their jurisdiction.

“This time around, we will not tolerate where Area Council Leaders abandon their duties and travel out. We have received reports that Council Leaders travel anytime and then, if anything happens, they will blame only the FCT Minister”.

“Recently, the Nigeria Union of Teachers NUT went on strike and it is not our fault but the Area Councils. Primary schools are under the authority of the Area Councils but it will seem as if the Ministers are doing nothing but that is not our responsibility. However, we cannot ignore the situation and we have called them to this meeting to see how we can resolve the problem”


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