Mystery Explosion in Ibadan, Nigeria

 Mystery Explosion Causes Widespread Panic and Damage in Ibadan, Nigeria.

On the evening of January 16, 2024, an unexpected explosion sent tremors through Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State, Nigeria. The blast was heard across the city, including areas such as UI, Bodija, Akobo, Mokola, and Secretariat, causing panic among the residents.
 The force of the explosion was reminiscent of an earthquake, shaking houses and inflicting damage at multiple locations.

 Widespread Damage

The impact was so severe that several establishments, including the School of Nursing at the University College Hospital, reported shattered windows.
 The explosion’s epicenter seems to have been around Bodija, close to Trans Amusement Park.
 Unverified reports suggested a possible incident at a gas station in the Samanda area. However, the actual cause remains unknown at the time of reporting.

Explosion Reverberates Through Ibadan

 The deafening explosion was audible across Ibadan and its surrounding areas, causing thousands of residents to feel their houses shake. The explosion was so powerful that it caused significant structural damage, including broken windows and collapsing ceilings, particularly in buildings near Adeyi Avenue, Bodija.

Videos circulating on social media platforms like Twitter show people running for safety amidst the chaos and destruction. The Aftermath Despite the widespread damage, there has been no confirmation of casualties at the time of the report.

 There are fears of injuries due to broken glass and possible individuals trapped under rubble. However, these reports remain unverified. The mystery surrounding the cause of the explosion persists as investigations continue.

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