There has always been a debate on whether law is made for man or man is made for law. However, we must all realise that law is one of the most important parts of our society. Without law, there would be chaos. The law protects us, tells us what to do, what not to do and guides our conduct. In Nigeria, how the law works is that we operate a constitutional system of government. What does that mean anyway? It simply means that in Nigeria, our constitution is supreme. Where the constitution has said something, it overrides every law passed by the legislators and every order made by the Executive and it is the duty of the court to enforce this. The Constitution enshrines our fundamental human rights, it tells us how Judges are appointed, Senators, National Assembly leaders, simply put, it is the ultimate guide on how Nigeria should work.

Thus, everyone pushing for change must ensure that any change to be implemented starts from the constitution. The debatable issues such as the restructuring of the country, appointment and payment of Judges, regulation of police officers and more can all be addressed with constitutional amendments. Our constitution was last amended several years ago and it would not be out of place for an amendment to be considered in this day and age.

While we may rally for change, we would need that change to come with a change in law. We would need the change to come through the set of rules and regulations we have set for ourselves as Nigerians. It is time we had another look at the constitution, let there be public enquiries on the issues facing Nigeria today. Opinion polls using the internet are easier to do and with online meetings easily accessible, we can debate the matters that matter to us. The constitution is important because it protects us and we should ensure that it is upheld at all times. Where any change is necessary, such change should only be in line with the constitution.

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