Today, we will dive deeper and look into the sensitive topic that will soon be in every newspaper in Nigeria. Many Nigerians sit back wondering if INEC’s appointed representative, Onochie will be able to conduct free and fair elections in Nigeria. When we look at the constitution of Nigeria, it is not allowed for a partisan person to occupy such a sensitive post in INEC. This makes many wonder about the prospects of a free and fair election in 2023.
She has repeatedly portrayed her views, as a die hard supporter of the President and the APC.

At this stage, we can only hope that, wisdom will be displayed by nominating a credible individual, without political affiliations. INEC remains for Nigerians, it is expected that, they obey the constitution and ensure the people continue to have the required confidence in INEC. The resultant effect of compromising the integrity of INEC, is low voters turn out, lack of confidence in the polls etc. Many fear that, rigging the 2023 polls, will have dire consequences for Nigeria.

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