Police raid gay party in Anambra.

The Nigerian Police raided a gay party in Anambra state recently. The gay community in Nigeria is quite hidden, so it was rare to see many of them gathered in one place.

Nigeria happens to be a country that has substantial restrictions and sanctions against the LGBT community. Hence, a lot of individuals with this sexual preference have to keep their identities hidden. With the changing times, some individuals and celebrities have come out as supporters of the LGBT community.

Recently, Nigerian actor Uche Maduagwu came out as “proudly gay.” So there isn’t much hidden about being a member of the LGBT community anymore.

This news is quite intriguing because this was a hidden party. But folks around the vicinity contacted the police, and all hell broke loose. The tip-off happened as a result of some trouble that took place at the party. It wasn’t quiet and caught the attention of some people around the area. 

On Sunday, the police located in the Dunukofia Local Government Area of Anambra State arrested several suspected gays in the area. 

The news gathered states that the police raided Swisser Swiss hotel, where the suspected gays were having a party. Following a tip-off, “The officers arrested an undisclosed number of them. the suspects were mostly men of different age groups,” a source informed SaharaReporters.

An indigene of the community, who affirmed the police source, said, “The gays were holding a party at the hotel when trouble took place. The noise led to the invitation of police officers from the Ukpo Police Division.

The suspects attempted to flee in different directions as police raid the gay party in Anambra. Unfortunately for some of them, the policemen arrived, leading to the destruction of ceilings and other items in the hotel. They are currently at the command’s anti-cult office located in Ukpo for investigation.

Moving Forward

In addition to that, the police are still undergoing investigation to catch up with the other gay suspects. There is every possibility that they carry out illegal activities. The police will need to do all they can to ensure that they do not cause any havoc to society.

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