Pat Utomi: Nigeria’s electoral processes fraudulent

The popular Pat Utomi deems Nigeria’s electoral processes fraudulent because it can’t produce competent leaders.

Pat Utomi Speaks

Renowned Political Economist Professor Patrick Utomi has again cast aspersions on current Nigeria’s political processes, arguing that it cannot produce credible political officeholders.

He also accused the electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), colluding with politicians to perpetrate electoral fraud.

Speaking on the topic ‘State of Nation’ on African Independent Television (AIT) breakfast program Kaakaki, Prof. Utomi alleged that the current electoral processes can only produce political merchants.

Said he: “Only rogues can win elections in Nigeria because the electoral umpire colludes with politicians to perpetrate electoral fraud. For example, during elections, politicians connive with the electoral umpire to disenfranchise non-indigenes
on election day”.

Prof. Utomi, Co-Chair, National Consultative Front (NCF), an emerging political pressure group, claimed that non- indigenes’ names disappear from voter’s register overnight. In contrast, others are subjected to the rigor of going from one polling station to another to look for their names in vain.

The Delta State-born former Spokesman of defunct Volkswagen Nigeria insisted that genuine people do not have the opportunity to lead while the fraudulent politicians always have their ways.

He, however, revealed that NCF is out to change the narratives even as he advocated that political parties should be different from what presently obtains in Nigeria.

According to him, the existing political parties in Nigeria cannot meet the citizens’ expectations. He said he is not regretting being one of the brains behind All Progressives Congress (APC), which produced the government at the center.

“I don’t have any regret playing some part in the coming of APC; if one falls seven times, he should get up eight times to continue the struggle.”, Prof. Utomi insisted.

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