Davido stated that his dad used to work at a fast-food restaurant before he became the wealthy man he is today.

The Nigerian singer, whose real name is David Adeleke but popularly known as Davido, revealed some interesting news.  He said his billionaire father, Adedeji Adeleke, had worked as a manager at Burger King, a fast-food restaurant in the US, before he became wealthy.

The singer disclosed this in an interview while talking about his most significant source of inspiration. He performed at NPR’s Tiny Desk, a video series of live concerts hosted by NPR Music in Washington.

According to him, his father had been a significant inspiration to him.  He was really inspired because his father went through difficulties in life and get to where he is today.

Davido stated that the inspiration for him had been my father, a Nigerian-American like himself.

Davido and his father studied in the States. He went to HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), majorly a black college/university.

The singer made it clear that his dad used to work at Burger King. He was a manager at Burger King.

He stated that he knows many people won’t believe this story, but he and his father didn’t just become wealthy all of a sudden. They also went through certain life hurdles to get to where he is today,”

Davido is now a father of three children. In a recent interview, he also revealed that there were times when he and his siblings didn’t have money while growing up.

When he visited his old flat in the United States, the singer said that the apartment made him recall old hard times.
What remained for him was his dream to succeed and make it big at those stages in his life.

It’s nice to see our Nigerian celebrities share stories of their lives with the general public. They are ordinary people just like us, and many of them did not rise to stardom overnight. It took hard work, some difficulties and hurdles along the way, passion, and the determination not to give up.

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