Foodworths RMD Limited is a smart farming, storage and exportation company founded by Mustapha Abubakar and Morenike George – Taylor. The company is based in Niger State and has offices around the country. The company has over 400 hectares of farm land and is affiliated with Maizube farms and the Flux Group. Foodworth RMD is also innovative as it is growing BT Cotton, a crop endorsed for growth in Nigeria barely two years ago.

We spoke to the founders of the company and this is what they had to say about it:

Why farming?

We realised that there is a big gap in the agricultural value chain in Nigeria. We realized that Nigerian farmers do not have access to enough training and opportunities to grow world class organic, climate friendly commercial crops that can easily be exported. This is what we hope to change.

What are your goals?

We want our business to solve three key problems:
1. Reduce the probability of commercial crops sent from Nigeria being rejected at the destination country.
2. Improve storage mechanisms and reduce the amount of food wastage due to poor storage and
3. Preserve the environment: In Nigeria we believe that enough emphasis is not placed on climate friendly farming and soil preservation. We hope to change that

How do you plan to implement your goals in the short term?

We have started planting in Minna, our first crop is BT Cotton which is a innovative crop only approved in Nigeria two years ago. We are also planning to train farmers in October on proper farming techniques as well as launching our foodworths club, a unique offtaker scheme that provides generational wealth for farmers.

How big is your farm?
We have access to over 400 hectares of farm land in Minna alone, not to mention our various partners around the country.

If you had one piece of advice to give farmers today, what would that be?
Agriculture is a marathon and not a sprint, it takes time to get good results but with persistence, the results would be worth it.


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