At Taylor’s Realties we know how important a decision it is for you to say you want to buy a house. This is why we have put together a comprehensive guide to help with your purchase. So grab a cup of coffee and read these few tips I’ve put together:

– Determine How Much You Can Afford – There’s a lot more to housing expenses than what you find through an online. This article will help you understand what costs are involved in owning a home. Apart from the cost of the house, you need to consider the costs of agency and legal. Remember that you would change the title documents and register them, all these involve costs. At Taylors Realties we have a holistic solution, we help you find the house and work with Reni Legal Consulting to help you perfect all your title documents easily. Talk about a one stop shop!

– Choose a Realtor – Your real estate pro will be your confidant and advisor while buying a home. When you try to do it on your own, you increase the risks associated with the transaction. Here you will find all of the benefits of using a Realtor:
a. Gives more options
b. Carry out independent investigations before recommending a house to you
c. Faster
d. A good realtor can negotiate better deals for you with the property owner. We love to do this for our clients at Taylors Realties.

– Establish Your Needs and Wants in a House – This article has everything to do with prioritizing what you have to have versus what you want – musts vs lusts. Do you want it for commercial purposes, office? Short – let? Or do you actually want to live there?

There are so many more things to consider including Family size, Location, State of property, and the amount of renovation (if any) required Current needs, Cost of Furnishing, Type of home, and Resale value. I can’t discuss all this here but I would love to book a session to discuss this with you. Simply send an email to [email protected]

Let Taylor’s Realties help you make that decision, we sell luxury homes in Nigeria, Dubai, UK, and other countries around the world. We also have flexible monthly rental options. If you need a luxury home, we are your number one real estate plug. Till next time! Ciao

By Onyinye Onwuemene