Buhari orders installation of 36 million meters in Nigeria

Buhari orders the installation of 36 million meters in Nigeria by June to enable proper distribution of electricity Nationwide.

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the Nigeria Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) to make sure that 36 million meters are installed nationwide by June.

Mr. Goddy Jedy-Agba, The Minister of State for Power, revealed this to journalists after carrying out investigation on NEMSA meter testing facilities in Enugu on Friday the 19th of March.

The facility is meant to be commissioned within eight weeks.

He said: “I came to inspect what is happening and to understand the state of affairs as regards the meter testing facilities to be installed here in Enugu.

“I also arrived to access the progress of what is being done and the preparation towards the authorization of the office and I am happy with the plans thus far.”

The minister expressed that NEMSA was directed by the President to make sure that meters imported into Nigeria meet the country’s standards.

Jedi-Agba also added that: “We import meters, we do not manufacture and so our facilities here will be used to test the meters to be certain that they meet the standards Nigerians require. After testing and we see that the meters are up to standard, we will then install the meters.

“Responsibility has been placed on this agency for installation and the President has given them the instruction to make sure that 36 million meters are nstalled by the end of June.”

The installation of the meters will ensure that there is a proper distribution across Nigeria. The issue of electricity has caused a lot of problems for Nigerians over the years. Many have had to switch to alternative methods of power supply such as generators, solar power, etc.

But getting this alternative source can be quite expensive but depending on the government to supply power is not something a lot of people would do. 

The electricity sector really needs a solid move to power the country accordingly because even factories and industries who depend on light have suffered from it. 

We hope this move by the federal government will purely be in the interest of the people.

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