FG approves N46.4bn for payment of 774,000 SPW participants

The FG President Muhammadu Buhari approves N46.4bn for payment of 774,000 SPW participants for the special public works programme.

The Minister of State for Labour, Employment and Productivity, Festus Keyamo, has announced that the president of the federal republic, President Muhammadu Buhari has given his consent for the payment of N46.4 billion stipends to the 774,000 participants of the ongoing Special Public Works Programme all over the country.

In a message on his Twitter handle @fkeyamo, on Saturday, the 20th of March, Keyamo stated that though N52 billion was appropriated for the scheme, each of the 774,000 workers would receive N20,000 monthly for three months since that’s how long the job lasts for. The three months will make the money amount to about N46.44 billion.

It was reported that the program was created to engage 774,000 unemployed Nigerians, and started nationwide on January 5, after several postponements.

Keyamo said he had instructed the National Directorate of Employment to start processing the payments and assured the participants that they would receive payment alerts very soon.

“President Muhammadu Buhari being so kind has commanded the funds to be released for the payment of stipends to the 774,000 participants of the SPW program.

“In addition to that, I have also directed the NDE to start processing the payments and participants should start to receive payments soon.

“To get rid of fraud and/or making payments twice, I have also directed that all the made payment to participants should be done using the BVN of their accounts so we can give an account of every single payment.

“Those who registered using different names should not expect to be paid,” Keyamo wrote.

The House of Representatives initially asked the Federal Government to hold on with the exercise indefinitely until all issues the National Assembly had against it were settled, however, the program began on January 5 despite the instruction.

We look forward to this new development and strongly believe that this move by the federal government is purely in the interest of the people.


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