Sunday Igboho starts‘Yoruba Nation’ awareness rally in Lagos

Sunday Igboho starts ‘Yoruba Nation’ awareness rally in Lagos and claims that the Yorubas have been treated unfairly.

All thos who support the Yoruba rights activist Chief Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho, stormed Agege on Sunday the 21st of March in Lagos State to solicit for support and solidarity to establish the Yoruba Nation.

Reports have shown that Igboho said he and those who believe in his cause will always fight to protect the Yoruba race from oppressors.

Igboho stated that there is no need for ‘one Nigeria’ because insecurity constantly spreads to the southwest region. He added that the only solution at this point is for the Yoruba nation to stand on its own

In a live broadcast shared by Sunday Igboho’s spokesman, Olayomi Koiki, supporters rallyed around to create awareness regarding the need for Yoruba Nation.

Igboho’s assistant was also seen talking to people walking by on the importance of having the Yoruba nation and why it should break away from alleged inequalities in the system.

He stated in the video: “Based to the amalgamation of 1914, after 100 years, we can all choose to go our separate ways, that 100 years had ended since 2014, why are we still together?

“When you look at the N100 note, it is stated there that the amalgamation ends in 2014, it has been well over 7 years that we have been facing hard times, no jobs, the government of this country does work in our favour, they only favour themselves. We need to leave this country, forget about the N2, 000; N3, 000 or N10,000 they give to you.

“We may not have the money or rice to give to you but we are fighting for a comfortable future for you. Except you are a politician, Nigeria will not favour you. Let us come together and support the independence of the Yoruba nation.

“We have a lot of natural resources that we can utilise and live well. The Nigerian government has no right whatsoever to say we should not leave but they are reaping the benefits of this Master-Slave relationship. Nigeria has refused to let us go simply because of the benefits they get from us, we have gold, oil, cement and a lot of other things.

 “Yorubas are not treated fairly, Yoruba nation now. They can’t kill us and kill our grave. The Yorubas are not happy in this country, Igbos too even the Hausas are weeping, only Fulanis are enjoying the benefits of this government.”

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