By Naijatruth 

A 35-year-old woman, Sulaiman Adijat, was lured, abducted and sl@ughtered by a group of seven men who wanted to use her body parts for a money-making rit¥al. The Ogun State Police Command arrested the suspects, who included two herbalists, two self-proclaimed prophets and three others, after a month-long investigation.

The State Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alamutu, who paraded the suspects at the Command Headquarters, Eleweran, Abeokuta on Wednesday, February 14, 2024, said they were hardened criminals who not only engaged in rit¥al k#llings, but also traded in h¥man parts.

He said the case began on January 9, 2024, when the DPO of Onipanu Divisional headquarters of the Nigeria Police in Atan-Ota received a report of a missing person. Sulaiman Adijat, who worked as a security guard at Canaan Land, Sango Ota, had gone out on a date with one Adebayo Olawale Azeez of Ajegunle road, Atan Ota, (now at large), after receiving a phone call from him.

She told her sister that she was going to Atan in Ota, but never returned. The Anti Kidnapping Unit of the Command was deployed to unravel the mystery behind her disappearance.

The police team traced the suspects through a technical based investigation, which led to the arrest of the seven men, who confessed to their roles in the abduction and m¥rder of Sulaiman Adijat.

The CP said the investigation revealed that on 19th November, 2023, one Sherifff Agbai and Osojieahen Alioneitouria, who are both from Uromi in Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State, contacted Oluwo Samuel Monday, also known as Oluwo Mandela, to perform a money rit¥al called ‘Oshole’ that could yield Two Hundred Million naira within seven days.

Oluwo Samuel Monday, a herbalist, charged them Eight Hundred thousand naira (N800,000) and agreed to prepare the materials for the rit¥al.

He then contacted another herbalist, Peter Oluwalolese, who claimed to be a prophet of a white garment church in Ibadan, Oyo state, to source for a young woman between the age of 18 and 20, whose body parts, especially the head, two br+asts, v+gin@ and her two wrists, would be used for the rit¥al.

Peter Oluwalolese reached out to his colleague, Jamiu Yusuf, also known as Eri Mose, who was based in Lagos state and was notorious for supplying h¥man parts for rit¥al purposes.

Jamiu Yusuf then contacted Abidemi Moses, also known as Asela, who was a herbalist and an apprentice to Adebayo Olawale Azeez, the man who invited Sulaiman Adijat on a date. Abidemi Moses asked for Six Hundred thousand naira to get a woman for the rit¥al.

Oluwo Samuel Monday bargained for three hundred thousand naira for the body parts. Abidemi Moses had been working with Adebayo Olawale Azeez for the past three years, h@rvesting h¥man parts for sale.

On 9th January, 2024, Adebayo Olawale Azeez took Sulaiman Adijat to Sunshine hotel, Atan Ota, and later to Abidemi Moses’ shrine at Igbo Olomi area of Atan Ota, Ogun State, where she was k#lled by Abidemi Moses and others, who are still at large.

Her body parts were then taken to Abidemi Moses’ house at Atan Ota, where Oluwo Samuel Monday and Peter Oluwalolese were waiting for them.

Oluwo Samuel Monday took the head, two br+asts, v+gin@, and two wrists and other body parts of the woman he had k#lled. He put them in a clay pot and set fire to them in Abidemi Moses’s house, where they would burn until the next day.

Prophet Peter Oluwalolese helped Oluwo Samuel Monday to sl@y the ram that was used to calm the spirit of the woman during the money rit¥al. Prophet Peter Oluwalolese and Prophet Jamiu Yusuf also received some of the woman’s body parts.

On 10th January, 2024, Sheriff Agbai and Osojieahen Alioneitouria got the money rit¥al from Oluwo Samuel Monday and went back to their place in Edo State.

They were disappointed when Osojieahen Alioneitouria used the money rit¥al element as Oluwo Samuel Monday had instructed, and they did not get the Two hundred million naira (#200,000,000) they expected in seven days. They had used it for three weeks and nothing happened.

On 3rd February, 2024, the police searched Abidemi Moses’s shrine and found ten female handbags, two 25 litres gallons filled with h¥man parts, one axe, and two cement sacks with h¥man bones in them at Igbo Olomi, Atan Ota.

The relative of the woman who was m¥rdered came to the police station and recognized one of the ten handbags as the one that belonged to their daughter Sulaiman Adijat. The CP said that all the suspects who were arrested admitted to the crime and their roles in it. He said the police were still looking for the other suspects who ran away and the case would be taken to court.

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