Wike threatens to finish Nigeria if herdsmen kill Ortom

Wike threatens to finish Nigeria if herdsmen kill Ortom because there was an attempted assassination on the Benue state governors life on Saturday the 21st of March.

The Benue governor stated that he survived an attempted assassination on his life on Saturday the 20th of March, on the afternoon.

Governor Nyesom Wike expressed that the president of Nigeria, president Muhammadu Buhari would be held responsible and Nigeria would cease to exist if his Benue coequal Samuel Ortom is killed.

Mr Wike in response to the attacks unleashed on the Benue governor by suspicious herdsmen along Makurdi-Gboko Road in the Makurdi Local Government Area on Saturday the 20th of March. He said that the attempt to assassinate the governor would cause the country to be buried 6 feet under.

“If you kill the Benue state governor Mr Ortom, then be prepared for Nigeria to be destroyed.

If anything happens to Governor Ortom, the Federal Government will be held responsible for such actions and they should be ready to accept the fact that Nigeria will no longer exist,” Wike also said.

Through his statement, Mr Wike brought to remembrance alleged plans to kill him during the 2019 elections by Jamil Sarham, the general officer commanding of the Nigerian Army 6 Division in Port-Harcourt back then.

It was uncertain whether Mr Wike’s threat that ‘Nigeria will cease to exist’ was aimed at starting a civil war or seeking a peaceful breakaway of different parts of the country, but the statement signed by his media assistant Kelvin Ebiri came in addition widespread sentiments against the unity of Nigeria under Mr Buhari.

Recently, it was reported that a group of Nigerian elders wrote to the UN, EU and U.S. earlier this week to constitute a referendum to protect Nigeria from violent attempts at seccession.

‘Igboho’ Adeyemo the Yoruba activist and Professor Adebanji Akintoye had purportedly declared that the South West plans to break away from the country. Reasons being that there was insecurity, nepotism and the uncontrolled activities of killer herdsmen in the country.

The President, Mr Buhari has maintained that his unequal appointments that favour people of his Fulani ethnic group were not created to exclude other parts of the country, and in some cases said they were rather done to correct the inequality from past administrations.

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