Wike says FG has appointed Vice Chancellors to rig elections for APC

Wike says FG has appointed Vice Chancellors to rig elections for APC, while warning lecturers and vice chancellors against politicians plans to use them.

The governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, says only compromised academics who would be willing to submit names of po­litically exposed lecturers as re­turning officers to rig elections for the ruling party (APC), were being appointed as Vice Chancellors of federal universities.

Governor Wike who warned Vice Chan­cellors and lecturers to be cautious of attempts by some politicians to use them to manipulate elec­tions, declared that those contem­plating to rig elections in Rivers State would be treated as plotters of a coup.

He made this statement during the foun­dation laying ceremony for the construction of 9,200-capacity ul­tramodern convocation arena of the University of Port Harcourt by the Rivers State government on Tuesday, the 6th of July, 2021.

According to Wike, he said it was quite worrisome that Nigeria has degenerated to the point where politicians influ­ence who becomes a Vice Chan­cellor for the purposes of rigging elections.

“Let me warn, not one person will dare to rig election in Rivers State. Not one person will dare it. I have told people, allow uni­versity community to produce those who will be leaders of this country. Don’t turn university community to be where you will have politicians who manipulate and change the mandate of the people. Anybody who does that, you know it is a coup and you know the punishment for coup plotters.”

Furthermore, the governor stressed that the reason why there was so much struggle over who becomes Vice Chancellor of federal universi­ties was as a result of political in­terference by external forces.

He described as heartrending a situation whereby lecturers who are meant to be well respected in society, wilfully compromise their integrity, just to become Vice Chancellor, who would later on be used to manipulate elections.

Earlier, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Special Proj­ects, George Kelly D. Alabo, said the capacity convocation arena would have convertible compart­ments, offices, assembly hall, 750kva transformer and would be completed in 14 months time.

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