The police arrested a woman known to be a commercial sex worker in Ebonyi state. The woman was charged for trying to sell her baby at the rate of N40,000.  

The news is shocking because it is sporadic to find out that a mother would sell her baby for a mere 40k.

Victoria Chukwube is a 32-year-old woman. She was arrested in an attempt to sell her four-month-old son. Her primary reason for doing so was to raise money to start a business selling drinks.

The Ebonyi state police spokesperson, Loveth Odah, said Chukwube was arrested following a tip-off.

Odah stated that the lady’s name is Chukwube Victoria; she informed them that she is a commercial sex worker and that she is the mother of the baby she was carrying. Victoria also told them that she would continue to look out for prospective buyers if she left that vicinity.

In addition to that, they tried to talk to her and see the value of being a mother, but she refused. According to Oduah, Victoria instead threatened to throw the baby away if they allowed her to go home because she is unaware of who got her pregnant.

During the interrogation process, the lady refused to disclose her state of origin or local government. Still, she maintained that she does not have the proper finances to take care of the child.

The police have therefore detained the woman following this crime. The child should not have to suffer for the mother’s mistakes. Therefore, justice must take its entire course.

Victoria made it clear that the N40,000 would enable her to start her drinks business. According to Victoria, the hardships of life and the fact that she is unaware of who the child’s Father is led to her decision. she sees no reason why the child should have to go through the same difficulty and the stigma of not knowing his Father.

Issues like this make us stop and think of what the masses suffer to survive. They struggle to make make a living and build a future for themselves, which is very sad. We hope people can learn from this story and make the right decisions.

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