One Greenfield varsity student released by Kidnappers

One Greenfield varsity student has been released by Kidnappers because the parents negotiated with the bandits for the release of their son.

The bandits who abducted the students and a staff of Greenfield University, Kasarami, Kaduna have released one of the 17 students left in their custody.

While speaking in an interview with Voice of America (VOA), Sani Idris Jalingo, the bandit’s leader,  had on Monday the 26th of April confirmed that 17 students, including 15 females and two males, were remaining in their custody after killing five in two weeks.

The bandit leader threatened that the 17 students would be killed if N100 million and 10 Honda brand motorcycles, popularly known as Boko Haram, were not delivered to his gang as ransom by the end of Tuesday 4th May.

In an attempt to get information from the mother of the freed student, Mrs. Lauritta Attahiru, she said she couldn’t talk at the moment. But when she was contacted prior to that time, she confirmed that her son was indeed released.

Mrs. Attahiru, who refused to give details of how her son was released or whether the ransom was paid, simply stated that her son was released.

Although police and government authorities were yet to confirm the development, some sources reveal that a ransom of N20 million was paid for the student’s release.

Some of the parents also confirmed that the student was released after his mother, who is the wife of a retired Army officer, negotiated and paid ransom to the bandits privately.

Furthermore, the parents also confirmed that the bandits had initially negotiated with them individually, asking each of them to pay as high as N20 million before they eventually demanded a bulk of N100 million and ten motorcycles on Monday, the 3rd of May, 2021.

The other 15 students and one staff member are currently still in the custody of the bandits who claim they will stop at nothing to get their ransom.

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