Nigerians attack Remi Tinubu for insulting a woman at a public hearing

Nigerians attack Remi Tinubu for insulting a woman at a public hearing who called out the partial treatment of allowing other lawmakers into the event but shutting out the public.

The senator representing Lagos Central Remi Tinubu was involved in a noisy quarrel on Wednesday 26th of May, with some Nigerians who were present at the zonal public hearing of the constitutional review in Lagos State.

In a video trending on social media, the senator was spotted addressing a woman as a thug, which led to an argument with other Nigerians at the scene.

Based on reports, members of the public were made to go through a registration process before they could be granted access into the venue of the event.

However, upon the arrival of the Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the front door was shut and registration closed.

Members of the public who had not yet registered remained on the queue in protest of their exclusion from the event while some lawmakers were ushered into the venue by Tinubu.

The woman, therefore, complained about the partial treatment given to the public and was called a thug by the senator for speaking too loudly.

“We don’t want thugs here,” she said.

Those present at the scene expressed their disapproval at the senator’s conduct, which resulted in an uproar.  The senator, however stated that she will not apologise.

“I will not apologise for what I said. I saw it and I said it,” she said.

Remi Tinubu, who is also a pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, has had a history of controversies since she became a senator in 2011.

In 2016, an altercation had ensued  between her and her colleague Dino Melaye during which she also addressed him as a thug.

In addition, she was also involved in a dispute with yet another colleague of hers Elisha Abbo in 2019. Abbo was at the time being investigated by the Senate for assaulting a woman in an Abuja sex toy shop.

During a plenary session held in April 2021, Tinubu also attacked her colleague Smart Adeyemi who raised relevant questions about  the security crisis in the country.

At that time, she interrupted his speech by asking if he had suddenly become a part of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for criticising the present administration.

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