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Dispute breaks out between Actress Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin

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Dispute breaks out between Actress Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin

Dispute breaks out between Actress Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin. Their misunderstanding started in 2019 and has continued till date.

Popular Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has finally addressed a long lasting disagreement between her and Lizzy Anjorin which began in 2019.

Abraham also warned Lizzy Anjorin to desist from cursing her family.


In the past, Anjorin had accused Abraham of leaking her story to the media after she was allegedly questioned by security operatives for drug trafficking during her Hajj trip to Saudi Arabia.

According to Anjorin, she got to know that it was Abraham who “leaked” the story to some blogs for publication.

Anjorin brought up the issue in an interview with Esabod, a social media influencer, raining curses on Abraham’s husband and her son.

However, Abraham in an Instagram Live session with another colleague, Iyabo Ojo, denied leaking Anjorin’s news to blogs.

According to her, she has only met Lizzy Anjorin twice in her life and doesn’t know so much about her because they are not friends.

She said “Since I gave birth to my child, you have been bullying him. Let the whole mothers in this world come out and blame me for this single thing that I stood up for my son. Let the whole world blame me for this,” she said.

“I did not talk or say anything, but for this, I will stand up for my son. When the incident happened with Liz Anjorin, I did not know about it because it was during that time that I put to bed. They did not let me have my phone because I had just delivered my baby.

“What is my own with Lizzy. I have seen Lizzy just twice in my life. The first time was at Regina Chukwu’s job and the second time was at Wasilat Coded’s premiere. I do not know about her movement and God is my witness. I have only seen her twice.

“I do not know about her movement. I am speaking up now, let the whole world hear. I am speaking up because of my son. The last one they did, I could not talk because I just gave birth; but now, I have to talk and speak up for my son. They cannot lay curses on my son. Besides, if I do not stand up for my son, who will stand up for my son?”

“Since the day they have been cursing me and peddling rumours about me, I never said a word; but today, it was too much and I need to stand up for my son. I have never spoken to any blogger and the only one I spoke to was Instablog and we did an advert with them. I have never spoken to a blogger to run anyone down,” she added.

“…I have never spoken about this but I want every parent on earth to judge this matter. They should ask Lizzy to state what I did; she should talk. If I offended you, call me.

“That woman kept cursing my son and husband. You can curse me but do not curse my son. I have never discussed Lizzy’s matter with anyone; we are not friends. God see me. I have never done that in my life. The reason why I had to speak up is because it is becoming too much and this is my son they are talking about. I have to speak up for my son.

“If I cannot speak up for my son and husband, then why am I a mother or a wife? I have never had any negative thoughts towards anyone.”

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