Nigeria is now the third-worst governed country in the world

According to a recent study, Nigeria is now the third-worst governed country in the world based on the recent publication by CGGI.

There have been different reactions based on the publication by the Chandler Good Government Index CGGI, rating Nigeria as the third-worst governed country in the world.

CGGI is a  group that monitors governance index across the globe and a few days ago, they released the 2021 list of 104 countries with good governance.

Finland, with an index score of 0.848, ranked first on the CGGI list.  The others the followed include: Switzerland, Singapore, Netherlands, and Denmark ranked second, third, fourth, and fifth on the CGGI list, respectively.

The report, however, ranked Nigeria very low in governance, leadership, and foresight, scoring the country 102 out of the 104 countries that were monitored.

Nigeria has just a score of 0.319 points, ahead of Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

The CGGI cited leadership as the basis for the ranking, stating that, “Good governance begins with good leadership”.

This is not unconnected with the numerous challenges bedeviling the country birthed by bad governance in both the federal, state, and local governments.

It’s no news that the nation’s good image has continued to depreciate despite the claim of integrity at the Federal Level with the fight against corruption.

The current security issues have truly exposed the ‘weakness’ of the governments at all levels.

We remember that aside from police brutality which leads to the call for the removal of the Special Anti-Rubbery Squad, SARS, by Nigerian youths in 2020, one of the key factors that triggered the protest was bad governance.

The youths responded in anger to the lack of employment opportunity, severe poverty, and lack of political will to address issues in the educational sector, They took to the streets, protesting bad governance with the Hashtag – EndSARS.

Sadly, the protest resulted in a good number of youths losing their lives in the struggle for better governance.

Since the report was released, there has been a lot of comments from concerned Nigerians online.

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