How gunmen murdered former presidential aide, Ahmed Gulak

In this post we share how gunmen murdered former presidential aide, Ahmed Gulak on Saturday the 29th of May, 2021, while on his way to the airport.

Ahmed Gulak, a former aide to former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, was murdered on Saturday night in Owerri, Imo State capital city.

Gulak was killed along Sam Mbakwe Airport by gunmen who are yet to be identified. Based on an eye witness report, Gulak was shot while sitting in his car at a place called Obiangwu, Ngor-Okpala Local Government Area, close to the airport.

Furthermore, the Imo State Police Command has also confirmed the killing, saying that Gulak was intercepted and attacked in a Toyota Camry taxi that carried him and two others heading for Sam Mbakwe Airport to catch a flight.

Bala Elkana, a Spokesperson for the Imo State Police Command  said Gulak left his room at Protea Hotel without informing the police nor sister agencies.

“He left without any security escorts and while the cab driver took irregular route to the airport, six armed bandits who rode in a Toyota Sienna intercepted, identified and shot at Ahmed Gulak at around Umueze Obiangwu in Ngor-Okpala Local Government Area close to the Airport,” Elkana said in a statement.

Elkana  also said  the Commissioner of Police Abutu Yaro had directed a private investigation into the incident, noting that tactical and special forces had been deployed to search the area and arrest any suspected perpetrators.

Gulak was chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC) committee that conducted the primaries for the Imo governorship election back in 2019.

He was the one who declared Governor of Imo state Hope Uzodinma winner of the  APC primaries in the state in 2018 during the electioneering period.


Before he moved to the APC, Gulak had been a member of the People’s Democratic Party and Special Adviser to Jonathan on Political matters, but he was fired in 2014.

During the crisis in PDP, Gulak had appointed himself as the national chairman of the party.

There have been numerous reports of violence in Imo State with public facilities burnt.  The Police headquarters and the Nigeria Correctional Service were recently attacked by some thugs in Imo State.

Just last week, there was a gun battle between some unknown gunmen and the Nigeria police.

Meanwhile, a secessionist group in the Southeast, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has denied having anything to do with the attacks, alleging that it was a political assassination.

A spokesperson for IPOB Emma Powerful, in a statement, said IPOB did not know about Gulak’s movement, nor was the group aware of his presence in the state.

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