Group Gives Dangote Ultimatum To Reduce Price Of Cement

The group gives Africa’s wealthiest man Dangote an ultimatum to reduce the price of cement within the next 48 hours or highways will be blocked and there will be no distribution of cement.

The cement company and some others were given 48 hours’ ultimatum to change back to the old price, stating that failure to comply would lead to blocking the highway.

The Youths Association (NISYA) and the Nigerian Students have asked the Federal government to stop all sorts of monopolies in the production of cement and distribution in the country.

Majorly, the group carried out a protest in Benin City, Edo State. They blamed Dangote Cement Company, owned by the wealthiest African man, Aliko Dangote for hiking the price of its products up to 100%.

It therefore threatened the company by giving them 48 hours to change back to the former price. They stated that failure to do so would lead to obstructing the highway to prevent cement from being distributed in the state.

Osemudamen Elvis Ogbidi was the spokesperson for the group. He said, “We do not accept the unending increase in the prices of cement. We are facing hardship in all areas ranging from education to health, agriculture, and security. Are they saying Nigerians should not be able to build houses any longer?

“The cement was increased from N2, 000 to N4, 000 in Edo State, yet the raw materials are gotten from the state.

“Even though the cement is produced here, yet the price has been increased by 100 percent. Cement is sold for N2, 000 in the Northern part of Nigeria and here in Edo it is sold for N4, 000, while a bag of cement is sold for N6, 000 in Abia State.

“We are calling on the Nigerian government to stop all forms of monopoly in the cement industry. If they choose to support other cement companies the way they have given Dangote their support, there will be competition in the industry which will reduce the prices.  nd companies will improve on the quality of their products for more patronage.

“If Dangote does not go back to the old price, we will cause an obstruction on the Benin By-Pass and make sure every truck does not make it into Benin and is forced to go back,” he exclaimed.

In addition to that, Mr. Ikehi Lawrence, a former Publicity Secretary of Nigerian Students and Youths Association, said the major issue is the government’s inability to have a good price control mechanism.

He said that prices should not be increased randomly.

“The issue is that the government should be accountable and respond to the plight of the people. In a country that shows seriousness, there must be a good price control mechanism. That is what the government ensures they put in place,” he said. Group Gives Dangote Ultimatum To Reduce Price Of Cement