FAAN Warns that Nigerian Airports may be Attacked by Criminals

FAAN warns that Nigerian Airports may be attacked by criminals if various security measures are not taken as soon as possible.

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has given a stern warning as regards planned attacks on all airports across the country.

This information was announced by the Deputy General Manager, Administration, and Logistics of FAAN, S. M. Mamman.

Based on the report,  Mr, Mamman forwarded it to the heads of security, and in his statement, he listed the airports in Kaduna, Sokoto, Maiduguri,  Kano, Abuja, and Lagos as the primary targets.

The Deputy General Manager said he was directed to raise awareness from the Ministry of Aviation regarding security threats by criminal elements against Nigerian Airports and to request for the immediate registration of necessary security measures for the protection of Airports/Facilities the ministry is responsible for.

Some weeks ago, some unidentified gunmen reportedly abducted nine people from the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) quarters located in Kaduna.

The people kidnapped included a family of six and a housewife and her two children. An Engineer confirmed this in the airport.

The Engineer stated that Initially when he heard gunshots, he was not concerned because he thought whoever came to the headquarters to rob or do anything was making a huge mistake because they had a military barrack at the airport. But, later on, he became very bothered when after about 30 minutes time he could still hear the sound of bullets.

At some point, the soldiers rushed in and engaged the bandits in a gruesome gun battle, but the soldiers could only stop them from taking more people because the bandits came with two Rocket-propelled grenades alongside their many AK47 rifles.

The attack lasted for hours as the military officers tried to resist the attack but unfortunately, the bandits had their way. They kidnapped nine people, including six people from one family.

The bandits escaped with all the nine victims by placing them on their motorcycles. The ones who witnessed the incident said they are now left with tension and fear. The whole place is littered with bullet cells and holes on the walls.

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