Nigerian Pastor says God is not happy with Buhari’s Govt.

A Nigerian pastor says that God is not happy with Buhari’s government while carrying a coffin on his head protesting against the federal government.

 Archbishop Samson Benjamin, the General Overseer of Resurrection Praise Ministry, protested against President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration on Sunday the 11th of April, 2021 in Lagos.

Benjamin, who is popularly known as Jehovah Sharp Sharp, carried a coffin as he paraded through the streets of Festac.

According to the Bishop, God asked him to do so because He unhappy with the current government and the state of the nation.

The pastor explained that his action was the outcome of “a spiritual journey of more than one year”.

He said, “From the 15th of September 2019 up until this moment, I have not eaten food cooked with fire or any food that is tagged as pleasant, I have been seeking the face of God because of this great country.

“Last week, I embarked on a mortal vacation, which was a solitary confinement where I didn’t speak to any human just to be with the cabinet of the trinity, I didn’t see the sun, moon, clouds.’

He also said that what we are seeing him doing is what the prophets of old would have done. God asked him to carr a symbol when he is about to pass a message across to the leaders of the nation.

Furthermore, the pastor also explained that God told him to go and carry a coffin on his head because it is not furniture or interior decoration. The coffin is good for nothing, it is once a mans life is over that he is placed in a coffin.

“Tell the leaders that they have intentionally diminished the common resources that belongs to this great country and have brought suffering on the citizens, I am not pleased with it.”

The Archbishop encouraged Nigerians to tell the leaders the truth. He also described Nigeria as a disappointment to almighty God  having brought people of various ethnicities together and gave them the resources.

But the leaders have decided to make the resources of the country their personal property, this is the reason the pastor said he was carrying the coffin. For him, God is not happy with political, traditional and religious leaders.

When asked why he had not taken his protest to Aso Villa yet, he said that God had not directed him to do so yet.

The Archbishop also said that every Nigerian is entitled to its fundamental human rights but we have a government that tries to shut the mouth of any Nigerian who engages in constructive criticism of the government.

The clergyman stressed that the way forward for Nigeria  is that the leaders need to sit down and decide if the country should continue to be together or divide.

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