Yomi Fabiyi is under attack for releasing the ‘Oko Iyabo’ movie

Yomi Fabiyi is under attack for releasing the ‘Oko Iyabo’ movie. The movie is based on the rape allegation against his colleague Baba Ijesha.

The Yoruba Actor, Yomi Fabiyi, has kept his promise by releasing a movie based on the rape allegation levelled against his colleague and close friend,  Omiyinka Olanrewaju (Baba Ijesha).

‘Oko Iyabo’, is the title of the movie, which is loosely based on Baba Ijesha’s alleged rape saga, his ‘social media trial’ and all the parties involved, debuted on Sunday, the 4th of July, 2021.

The actor had initially disclosed that he was going to release a film which would give some information into the circumstances surrounding Omiyinka Olanrewaju’s (Baba Ijesha) alleged rape saga.

Dele Matti directed the film, which featured various Yoruba movie stars including Antar Laniyan, Lateef Adedimeji, Adewale Elesho and Lola Idije.

However, the critics and fans of his colleague, Iyabo Ojo, have accused him of portraying Baba Ijesha as a victim who was wrongly accused of dating a 14 year-old girl in the movie.

In addition, they have accused the filmmaker/ actor of using the real names of the principal characters involved in the case, “flipping the script and subbing Ms Ojo in the movie.”

When you watch the movie, it is observed that one of the scenes was an exact re-enactment of the viral CCTV video footage that  implicated Baba Ijesha.

We recall that the comedienne, Princess, who accused Baba Ijesha of raping her 14-year-old foster daughter, released a CCTV footage showing the moment Baba Ijesha was allegedly caught in the act of sexually harassing the teenager & also confessing to the crime. This all happened in April.

In Fabiyi’s movie, the teen actress was the one making the first move on Baba Ijesha, which also portrayed Baba Ijesha as a victim of a carefully orchestrated ploy by his close friend. 

When asked about why he chose to make the movie,  Fabiyi said, ‘‘The storyline is good and meant to inject right values, correct ills and educate but social media will always go this route.”

“Thanks for reaching out and expressing yourself on the movie.”

He also said he had asked that the film be taken down due to public outcry that has heralded its release.

TAMPAN which is the umbrella body of the Yoruba film industry association,  has called for Fabiyi to appear before its association’s Committee on Ethics, Conflict and Resolution.

TAMPAN shared a copy of the summon letter signed by its Director of Research and Documentation, Yemi Amodu on Instagram.

In the letter, the association clearly stated that the movie was against its ethics and virtue.

Part of it read: “The TAMPAN Committee on Ethics, Conflict and Resolution wishes to inform the general public that the association has summoned Mr. Yomi Fabiyi who is the Producer/Director of the controversial film titled “OKO IYABO” is to appear before it on Thursday 11th July 2021.

“This invitation becomes very necessary because of the controversy that the subject matter of his film has generated which is against our ethics and virtue.”

“Despite that, we realize that the film has sparked another round of dissension between TAMPAN and the public; this is unacceptable to us and unsuitable to what we represent.”

“We hereby implore the general public and the parties concerned to please exercise patience as our eminent association is on top of this issue and will certainly ensure fairness and justice.”

Consequently,  Fabiyi has been a strong advocate for Baba Ijesha who was has been caught up in a rape scandal since the month of  April.

On the 14th of May, he single-handedly led a peaceful protest in Lagos over Baba Ijesha’s continued detention.

He stated that although his views are largely unpopular, the protest was aimed at kicking against all forms of human rights violations.

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