Yeni Kuti receives a car gift from fans as she turns 60

Yeni Kuti receives a car gift from fans as she turns 60, the car was presented on the show she co-hosts names “Your View” on Monday, the 24th of May, 2021.

Yeni Kuti, the eldest daughter of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti , has received a car gift from her fans as she turned 60 on Yesterday. The co-host of ‘Your View’ show received the gift after a birthday edition of the show was aired on Monday to celebrate the talented icon.

Morayo Brown, the host of the show, presented the car to the excited 60-year-old, informing her that the vehicle had been fully paid for by her adoring fans.

While uploading a video where the car was presented to Yeni Kuti, Brown wrote,

“We reached out to friends of the show to support our purchase of this gift. I want to use this opportunity to thank all of them specially. Your car is paid in full by lovers of our show. Enjoy your gift with your full chest! We truly love you.”

Fans have also taken to social media to congratulate the icon on her new age and new car.

A Twitter user, @ageless_glow, wrote, “Wow, this is so sweet. Happy birthday, ma.”

Another tweet  by, @obejumoke, read,

“Awwww! This is amazing. Happy birthday, ma. Many more healthy years to come.”

Yeni’s partner, Theo Lawson, had initially penned a loving message for her through his Instagram page.

He wrote, “Omoyeni, as you come to terms with your smarting of silver on your crown, as your life clock chimes 60, fret not. I’ve been there and will hold your hand and guide you to find the diamond that is promised with this day. Happy birthday my darling, my love, my heart. I love you die!!”

The fans of the icon wish her nothing but long life and continued joy, they have used her birthday as a medium to show their love and devotion to Yeni Kuti.

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