Uganda singer, Vinka, kicks a male fan who tried to assault her

Uganda singer, Vinka, kicks a male fan who tried to assault her, he delivered a brutal double-kick at a male fan who touched her private part.

It was a bad moment for a fan who attempted to touch Uganda singer, Vinka, in her private part while she was performing in South Sudan.

Without any hesitation, the visibly annoyed singer angrily delivered two brutal kicks to the fan before security on stage pulled her away and she carried on with her performance.

The wonderful singer is a mother of one whose real name is Veronica Luggya.  She happens to be one of the best artists in Uganda ever since she came on board, consistently releasing good tracks.

About the singer

Vinka was born on June 27th, 1994, and graduated from Makerere University where she studied Tourism and Hospitality.

She always had a passion for music and dance but started out as a dancer for artists like Maurice Kirya, Cindy, and Jackie Chandiru before she worked as an intern at Uganda’s premier entertainment company; Swangz Avenue, while still pursuing her first degree.

Veronica moved through the ranks at Swangz and had to work as artist manager for many of the record labels that had big artists at the time. From 2013 to 2016, she worked with Irene Ntale, Winnie Nwagi and other artists.

Later on in 2016, the record label she worked for asked her to switch to becoming a musician. After contemplating, Veronica decided to take the opportunity and signed a record deal under stage name Vinka in Febuary of 2017.

She started with a single titled “Level’ followed by a collaboration with Irene Ntale “Stylo”. She has continued to remain on top of Uganda’s music charts with every song she has released.

Her single “Malaika” was a major success which was accompanied by two even bigger songs “Love Docto” and her April 2018 release “Chips Na Ketchup”.

Some other major hits include “Overdose” featuring Voltage Music and “Tubikole” featuring Fik Fameica.

Vinka has is surely an inspiration to youths and recently she won the award for Break Through Artist at the Buzz Teenz Awards 2018.

Please watch the video below:

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