Osun IPAC sends goodwill message on Children’s Day

Osun IPAC sends goodwill message on Children’s Day to all the children in Nigeria as a means of encouraging them as future leaders despite the present happenings in the country.

The Osun State chapter of the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) has written a goodwill message to all the children in Nigeria. In a recent statement signed by the state chairman, Wale Adebayo,

“There is no better time to celebrate our future leaders immensely like now.

So on behalf of the IPAC Osun State chapter, my humble self, and all parents, I want to wish you, children, a happy Children’s Day.

“I know there are a lot happening at the moment in the country, that makes for your heart as children to fail. Looking into the future of the country, I want to assure you that this occurrence is not out of place, most great countries also went through even tougher times.

We as your parents and political leaders are saddled with the responsibility of giving you a bright and promising future, and this we are committed to doing. Let hope rise like a strong edifice, let the joy of tomorrow fill your heart as we all journey into the change we all deserve.

“I want you children to know, that there are good people who will insist that the baton of a working system is handed over to you.

“We seek your forgiveness for delaying in bringing you into your dream Nigeria, but we assure you that we are working to bring hope again to your faces.

“While we patiently wait for this metamorphosis, I want to plead that you keep your minds and heart intact. Ponder upon all that gives you hope and happiness, not negative news you get to read or hear. Some of us are working for you behind the scenes.

“Lastly, to our teachers, you taught us also until we grew to get to this point as parents. We are grateful, and this is why we are trusting you to also formulate a good mindset in our children. As we are grateful to you teachers, please don’t relent in instilling hope in the hearts of our future leaders. And I know you all will be proud moulders tomorrow.

“God bless every child. God bless every parent who was once a child. God bless teachers who train up the Child. God bless IPAC Osun. God bless Osun State. God bless Nigeria.”

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