NAFDAC warns Nigerians about ‘fake COVID-19 vaccines’

NAFDAC warns Nigerians regarding ‘fake Covid-19 vaccines.’ Vaccines not approved by the agency cannot be deemed safe for Nigerian citizens.

“COVID-19 vaccines are relatively new. Hence, the side effects or adverse effects must be closely monitored; therefore, if NAFDAC disapproves, the public should not use them.”

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control (NAFDAC) has warned Nigerians over ‘fake coronavirus vaccines’ in the country, explaining that the agency has approved no vaccines.

Mrs. Mojisola Adeyeye, The Director-General of the agency, revealed this in a statement on Friday the 12th of March. She stressed that Nigerians should not use any vaccine that NAFDAC disapproves.

According to The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), no application has been submitted by the Covid Vaccine manufacturers yet. Based on that context, the vaccine is, however, to be approved by the agency.

Mrs. Adeyeye said, “COVID-19 vaccines are new, and we must monitor the side effects or adverse effects; therefore if NAFDAC does not approve the vaccine, the public should not use them,”

The agency cautioned Nigerians and other residents to beware of the vaccines, explaining that they can cause coronavirus-like illness and other serious diseases that could kill

“There are recent announcements of fake vaccines being distributed in Nigeria. NAFDAC is begging the public to be careful. NAFDAC has approved no Covid Vaccines. Fake vaccines can lead to Covid-like illnesses or other serious diseases that can be life-threatening.”

The agency warned companies and corporations not to order the vaccines, stressing that if the manufacturers are genuine companies, they should know that they have to submit their application to the agency.

“Companies or cooperations should not order any vaccine. If the companies that manufacture the vaccine know they are genuine, then they should know they have to submit their application to NAFDAC.”

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