By Naijatruth

Singer Mohbad and his wife

The widow of the late singer Mohbad, Wunmi Aloba, has accused his family and some bloggers of threatening to kill her and her son. She said she had to flee her home for safety.

But the law firm of Hillceetee Partners, representing Mohbad’s family, denied the accusation. They said Wunmi had no proof of the threats and challenged her to reveal who was behind them.

In a statement signed by Monisola Odumosu, the law firm said: “We are aware of a social media post that claims the Aloba Family and some bloggers: Bukky Jesse, Yeye Kudi Courtroom and Adeshina Kasbir Hayat (our Clients), want to harm the late Mohbad’s widow.

“We find this allegation very serious and disturbing, especially as we are still investigating the mysterious death of our late client, Ilerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad.

“We want to respond to Wunmi’s claims and clear our Clients’ names. First, she said ‘her husband’s family have vowed to kill her and her son’. But she did not name anyone or show any evidence of the threats. She should prove her claim or stop making false accusations.

“Our Clients have never threatened Wunmi or her son, even though they have doubts about the son’s paternity. They remember how Wunmi insulted Mr. Joseph Aloba, Mohbad’s father, in a voice message, but they did not retaliate. They understood that she was grieving and did not want to add to her pain.

“Second, Wunmi said she had been getting strange calls from different people who warned her to stop seeking justice for her late husband. But she did not say if the callers identified themselves or used unknown numbers. She said she reported to the police, so she should let them do their job and find out who the callers are. The police know how to handle phone threats.

“Third, Wunmi complained that the Coroner’s Court had not resumed for five months and she had not heard from them. Our Clients share her frustration, but they have no control over the court’s schedule. If she needs more information, she should talk to her lawyer.

“Our Clients, especially the Tiktokers, have only made fair comments and urged Wunmi to tell the truth about what happened to her husband. They did not mean to scare her or threaten her life. They are sorry if she misunderstood them.

“We want to state clearly that our Clients have no reason or intention to harm or harass Wunmi in any way. They are only interested in finding out the truth about Mohbad’s death and getting justice for him.

“As the saying goes, conscience is an open wound, only truth can heal it. And the truth is what we all seek in this case.”

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