Iyabo Ojo has accused her former employee of stealing.

Nigerian actress, Iyabo Ojo has accused her former employee of stealing. The actress who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Fespris Limited, has accused a former employee, Gbeminiyi Adegbola, of theft.

Adegbola, who was the former manager at Fepris Limited, went on her Instagram page on Wednesday night, the 16th of June, 2021, to call out Ojo for accusing her of running down the business.

She wrote, “I heard you say you took me like a daughter and I almost ruined your business. Hmmm, a daughter sha, business sha. A daughter you openly beat and humiliate at the slightest opportunity. A daughter who did u no good for 14 years. You’re the only sacrificial lamb; business that we both know what’s up, business I gave my best but to you, I didn’t do jack.

“You claimed I took your money. You and I know that at that time, you had no kobo, na package we dey package. Some of us are wired properly so we know how to tame our mouth even in a fist of extreme anger becos eyin lohun, to ba ti jabo, ko shey ko (meaning: spoken words are like broken eggs that cannot be fixed) …. Let God be the judge between you and I.

“It’s almost three years and you still wouldn’t let go: shey nkan mi wa nibe ti e ko so. (meaning: is there more to this matter that I do not know of?) Please leave me alone, let me live my life, keep my name out of your mouth.” (sic)

Ojo also replied her former employees post and took to her Instagram page to display evidence that Adegbola stole from her.

In  a very long post,  Ojo stated that Adegbola had been stealing business funds from Fespris Limited and transferring it to her personal account, because she gave out her personal account details to receive payments from customers.

According to the actress, Adegbola never paid back the monies collected to the business account.

She wrote, “Gbeminiyi Adegbola, you said in your write up that you didn’t steal from me or try to ruin my business, yet from my former business place, Fespris World in Ikeja off Allen, you have been stealing from me, using your Zenith account to collect money from customers e.g. Wow accessories. She is still alive and her statement of account is there for proof.

“After I sacked all my staff and closed down my two shops in Ikeja, thinking it was the other staff that were stealing my money and ruining my business, I took up the courage to start all over.

“I went ahead, sold all my gold, which you, Gbemi, helped me carry to the buyer in Yaba. I collected the money for my land in Ajah back, and with the help of some close friends, I opened Fespris Abula spot in Lekki phase 1.

“Gbeminiyi, you still carried this same dubious act to Fespris Limited in Lekki phase 1, pretending to be a loyal and honest person to me, damn!!”(sic)

The Nollywood actress claimed that she closed the case earlier because her mother and Adegbola’s mother pleaded with her to let it go.

However, she has made it clear that she is now ready to reopen the case.

“Gbemi, I am very well ready to reopen this case. Let’s go to court so that you can vindicate yourself once and for all,” she wrote.