Baba Ijesha’s Niece Makes Shocking Revelation About Princess

Baba Ijesha’s niece makes shocking revelation about Princess who she claims had assaulted the actor on several occasions. She stated that Baba Ijesha’s side of the story has not been fully heard.

A young lady who is known as Ewatomilola Ayeni has made some very shocking and unbelievable revelations about the female comedian, Princess and had fought with the Yoruba film actor, Baba Ijesha.

It was reported initially that the Nollywood Actor Yomi Fabiyi and other supporters, In addition to the family members of Olanrewaju Omiyinka, known popularly as, Baba Ijesha, arrived at the Yaba Magistrate court on Wednesday, the 16th of June, 2021.

Baba Ijesha showed up at the Lagos State court where the hearing of the sexual assault case filed against him is heard.

Talking to the reporters at the court, Fabiyi said, “I am in court because I believe in the rule of law and I have the right to come to the court and observe the case.

“The young man is my colleague; I cannot deny him at this stage, I am too refined for that.

“I want to see how the court (hearing) will go because there are so many lacunas, so many things that should have been done.

“I want to see how the rule of law and justice is being served.”

However, before the court hearing that happened yesterday, the actor’s bail was not accepted.  Ewatomilola Ayeni who identified herself as Baba Ijesa niece, revealed that Princess had on several occasions assaulted Baba Ijesha.

According to her statements, Princess had on numerous occasions invited Baba Ijesha to her house and stripped down naked for him to have sexual relations with her.

Furthermore, she explained that the actor has experienced many challenges in the past that the family cannot share online.

The allerged niece lamented that Ijesha is being detained without properly checking on the allegations. She added that he was not given the opportunity to tell his side of the story.

Below is the video for the full details:

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