Dino Melaye claims Nigeria received the least potent vaccine

Dino Melaye claims Nigeria received the least potent vaccine, he advises Nigerians on the potency of the vaccine that was sent to Nigeria.

In a recent interview with Roots TV, the former Nigerian senator claims that the government did not go for the best, putting Nigerians into consideration.

According to him, there are four different vaccines, but the government chose to send the one that has the most negligible effect. 

He also said that the vaccine sent by the government has the worst side effect.

To correct a lot of allegations leveled against him from his past comments concerning the vaccine. Dino Melaye explained that he is not against Nigerians taking the vaccine, but the point he is trying to make is that the WHO has approved four different vaccines.

The Vaccines include: 

The AstraZeneca/SKBio COVID-19 vaccine from India; is the one the Nigerian government imported.

Pfizer Vaccine COVID-19 vaccine

Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

Mr​. Melaye said that the Nigerian government chose to import the least potent one out of the four listed above, the AstraZeneca/SKBio COVID-19 vaccine.

He stated that Nigerians deserve the best, and the government needs to adopt citizen diplomacy to show that they love their citizens and deserve the best.

He further added that when you go through the four different vaccines’ specifications, you will find that Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines are far better choices than what was sent to Nigeria.

In understanding the vaccines’ total trial effectiveness, you will see that the AstraZeneca/SKBio COVID-19 vaccine is 62% 14 days after the second dose, while the Pfizer is 95% 28 days after the double dose.

Also, the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is 94%, and Johnson and Johnson is about70%. In essence, Mr. Melaye further stressed that the vaccine the Nigerian government imported is the one with the minor potency of effectiveness.

The former senator also talked about the side effects of the vaccine.

“The vaccine sent by the Nigerian government has the worst side effects. The side effects include pain, headache, tiredness, muscle ache, fever, chills, joint ache, nausea.”

Based on the side effects, Mr. Melaye said that if all these side effects manifest in one individual, it is worst than having the Coronavirus.

“so what I am saying, in essence, is that the Nigerian government did not go for the best, putting Nigerians into consideration. And with the budget, the central bank made available for this vaccine N300 Billion! it is outrageously calamitous.”

With such an amount as a budget for the vaccine, it is unfair for the government to go for the least effective product. The vaccine is from in India, and he believes that what is made in India can’t be compared to what is produced in America.

Conversely, Mr. Dino Melaye made it clear that he is not against people taking the vaccine because he is interested in the people’s welfare.

“I spent money to get facemasks for people in different parts of the country. I wear a facemask myself, so I believe in the existence of the virus.”

What then is the way forward?

Mr. Melaye expressed in his concluding statement his disappointment in the government, which he claims has monetized the process of vaccination. He does not see the patriotic nature of the government in protecting its citizens. 

Finally, according to the former senator, the vaccine is not enough. What we currently have is 4million doses of the vaccine and one needs to take two doses of the vaccine to have a complete.

 Based on that context, it means that only 2million people can have access to the vaccine.  In a country that has a population of over 200 million people, for him, this act is “ridiculously insignificant.”


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