Buhari condemns an attempted coup in the Niger Republic.

Buhari condemns an attempted coup in the Niger Republic. He tags it as an illegal attempt to rid the country of democratic rule.

President Muhammadu Buhari has condemned the attempted coup in the Niger Republic,  stating that, ” any unlawful attempt to overthrow a democratically elected government is not only abominable but also unacceptable to democratic governments all over the world.”

Speaking via a telephone conversation with Mahamadou Issoufou, his co-equal and outgoing President regarding the situation in the Niger Republic, the President cautioned that “the international community is not friendly to the attempt to change the government through violent and unconstitutional means.”

“It is completely naive to attempt to remove an elected government by forceful means. All Military political explorers should respect the will of the people and respect the order of the constitution.

“My major worry is regarding the negative effect of coups on African stability, peace, and progress.

“Nigeria cannot act differently towards these dangers to Africa. Coups are not in vogue and the involvement of the military in violent change of government will do more harm than good to Africa,” he said.

The President of the Federal Republic encouraged African leaders to “remain united against coups under whatever disguise of form,” warning those who plot coups to learn lessons from history on the consequences of instability caused by violent removal of governments.

Buhari also congratulated the President-elect Mohamed Bazoum on his election victory and the outgoing President’s commitment to orderly and peaceful transfer of power. The peaceful transition was worthy of emulation and speaks well of both parties playing fair politically.

He further commended the Niger’s security forces for suppressing the onslaught against the democratically elected government of the people of the Niger Republic. He encouraged them not to relent in their fight against military coups aimed at destroying the peaceful progress of the Nation.

The people of Niger are also urged to stand for democracy at all times.

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