Banks in Osun State have been attacked and Policemen killed

Banks in Osun State have been attacked and policemen killed by Gunmen believed to be armed robbers. They attacked banks and police stations in two Osun State towns yesterday.

The names of the two towns are Ikire in Irewole local government Area and Apomu in Isokan local government. The  both of them are off the Ibadan-Ile-Ife Expressway and were under attack almost at the same time between the hours of 5:30pm and about 7pm.

According to some witnesses in the town, the unknown gunmen broke into the bank branches, they killed a police guard at the bank in Apomu, and also shot a bank official in the leg,

They also reportedly shot a policeman during the attack on the bank in Ikire and shot into the air to frighten residents.

However, residents of Apomu, sources said,  they came out in large numbers to fight against the robbers.

They were led by men of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) in the town.

After a while of going at it, the residents eventually repelled the attackers who they chased away, preventing them from having access into bank vault.

The pressure forced the gunmen to abandon two vehicles which the Apomu OPC men recovered.

“They have taken the vehicles to the police, whose reinforcement came into town after the OPC men had chased away the gunmen,” a source said.

He also explained that because it was a market day in Apomu, there was a large members of people in the town on Wednesday, the 2nd of June 2021.

“The attack on the bank in Apomu was like one in which people were watching the shooting of a film, but in this case, the people were also participating by throwing stones and whatever objects they could  find at the “actors” (gunmen)”, another source said.

An official of the bank confirmed that the robbers did not take any money from the Apomu bank before fleeing but they shot a bank official in the leg.

The police  are yet to confirm how many men got killed and they have not confirmed if any of their men were killed.

Spokesperson of the police in Osun State, Yemisi Opalola, a Superintendent, said: “the Commissioner of Police, Mr Olawale Olokode, is now at the scene of the crime. The robbers attacked two banks and they killed some people. They also attacked a police station during the operation.”

She has promised to provide more information at a later date.

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