Tope Alabi criticizes Adeyinka Alaseyori’s hit song ‘Oniduro Mi’

Tope Alabi criticizes Adeyinka Alaseyori’s hit song ‘Oniduro Mi’ The veteran gospel singer, Tope Alabi, described the hit song ‘Oniduro Mi’ as reducing God’s capabilities.

Ms Alabi made the statements in a viral video when she was invited to minister at an event over the weekend. She stated that the song, which means ‘My Guarantor’, does not explain God’s powers fully.

She also insinuated that her colleague didn’t think thoroughly about the lyrics of the song fully before deciding to record the track.

She said, “God is beyond being a guarantor to Man. I’m not saying that the song is not beautiful. However, when we receive heavenly inspiration to sing, there are some deliberations we must have with the Holy Spirit before we can bring out such a song.

”If we keep singing the gospel just as the Spirit-inspired, there is the possibility that we all will be singing absurdly. As gospel singers, God has given us the brain to digest, chew, and fully comprehend the inspiration given to us before we bring it to life.”

Ms Adeyemi, who happens to be Ms Alabi’s great rival, composed her hit ‘Oniduro mi’, which was part of a worship medley titled ‘Arojinle’ in the year 2020.

‘Oniduro Mi’, is one of the most popular and trending gospel tracks in Nigeria at the moment.

After the production of her first album, Alaseyori continues to enjoy a growing support system and following in Nigeria with invitations from home and abroad to minister at events.


However, Ms Alabi’s observation has led to various reactions among Nigerians as fans accused her of being jealous of the song.

Some said that the meaning is still very relevant because God means and plays different roles to different people. Based on that context, this makes people call God different names as they seem fit. Others have also attacked her for making such criticism in public.

While replying to @naijanoisemaker’s post, Morayo Romeo, with the instagram handle @moraymydrea, said she felt bad watching the video.

She said, “Even if you feel it isn’t right, this is not the way to condemn someone’s work. As at the time the person sang it, she was probably going through an issue but God settled the debt like a guarantor and didn’t say a word about it as a man would boast.”

Furthermore, another post made by @olorisupergal, Radio host, do2dtun said that Ms Alabi’s criticism was unnecesssary.

He said, “I am sure our God is not surprised at how we misuse our gifts. So low of Tope Alabi but in all, she just added a new song to my playlist. Thanks for the unassuming recommendation.”

Both artistes have still  not spoken or responded regarding the issue which trended on Sunday.


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