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…says Tinubu’s ‘private’ visit to France shouldn’t be publicly funded

Peter Obi, the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 general election, has expressed his disappointment with the poor state of Nigeria’s national assets, particularly the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja. Obi visited the airport on Wednesday and was heartbroken by the state of the facilities, which serve as one of the gateways into the nation’s capital. He watched in horror as a disabled traveler was carried along with his wheelchair through the staircase because the elevator and escalator at the airport have been down for three months now.

Obi took to his X-handle to express his dismay and wondered why public assets are overlooked by those in leadership positions. He also criticized the Presidency’s claim that the President is embarking on a private trip, saying that there is nothing private for a sitting President. “Just yesterday, I saw a heart-wrenching sight of a physically challenged traveler in a wheelchair being carried up the stairs by four men, at the Nnamdi Azikiwe airport, Abuja because neither the elevator nor the escalator had been functional, for the past 3 months,” he said.

Obi further stated that the situation becomes more disturbing when you imagine that such is happening in our nation’s capital, where dignitaries and foreign investors travel through constantly. He called on the President to make all his movements public knowledge and matters of public interest, even when he needs a private visit like a holiday or family gathering. “May I humbly remind the President that he is now a public national asset,” he said.

“Therefore, all his movements now should be public knowledge and matters of public interest. Even when he needs a private visit like a holiday, family gathering, etc, he should state so, which is graciously allowed, but private visits, like the one he has embarked on now, should be done at his expense and not at public cost. That is part of the cost-cutting measures desperately needed by the nation now. We now require savings of sorts to deal with every little issue that requires attention, like the maintenance of small public assets”.

“Otherwise, how do we explain as a country, that for the past three months both the escalator and elevator at the domestic wing of Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja, have remained dysfunctional?”

“I often wonder how we the leaders feel traveling in sophisticated manners while the majority of our infrastructure being used by the majority, including our foreign investors, is left dilapidated”.

“The situation we find ourselves in calls for such drastic cuts in the cost of governance, and attendant savings, to be appropriately used for every minor public good. That is the spirit of the New Nigeria we are clamoring for”.

“I must however acknowledge some efforts by the President to cut costs like his recent 60% cost on travel but that is still insignificant given the quantum of problems waiting to be tackled like the elevator issue in our prime airport”.

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