Koo, India’s microblogging platform, launches in Nigeria after Twitter ban

Koo, India’s microblogging platform, launches in Nigeria after Twitter ban. The microblogging platform also shares similar features like Twitter.

Earlier this year,  when the Indian government was having issues with Twitter, an Indian-developed alternative called Koo, and it was launched. The micro-blogging platform, also shares many similar features with the platform it is attempting to replace.

It was originally designed specifically for Indians because it offered its services in multiple local languages, but according to new reports It has been announced that Koo is now available in Nigeria.

This comes  coincidentally, just shortly after the Nigerian government banned Twitter in the country.

According to the India Today news, Koo made the announcement on Saturday, the 5th of June, 2021,  a day after the Federal Government of Nigeria banned Twitter.

The CEO of Koo, Aprameya Radhakrishna, not only confirmed that indeed it now offers its services in Nigeria but also revealed that they are considering offering it in a local Nigerian language too.

There are more than 500 native languages spoken in Nigeria including Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba.

Koo has opened up it’s platform to Nigerians and guarantees that the site has clear features that any user will surely enjoy.

As a result of the Twitter ban, several users including some government officials have resorted to using VPNs to access the platform because all internet service providers in the country have blocked any access the microblogging platform.

With the introduction of Koo, it is still yet to be determined if indeed Nigerians will switch to Koo or stick with Twitter.

A lot of businesses and individuals gain their popularity using Twitter and it’s suspension has put a serious halt to a lot of activities if VPN is not used.

However, the president is yet to make any comments regarding this new microblogging site, and there is no news yet as regards if the ban on Twitter will be lifted anytime soon.

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