In this post, we will be discussing how to remove Malware and Viruses from your website. We will delve into the step-by-step process and what plugins can help. My name is Kofo, and I have been building websites for five years. I also have five years of experience in IT support. Helping many websites protect themselves from Malware, viruses, and hackers.

Malware and Viruses on websites are usually codes written and injected into a website’s backend. Some attackers use the theme to inject the virus and other use backdoor vulnerabilities. Website infected with Malware get blacklisted from Google, and other search engines.

Keep in mind it is always best to hire a professional like me (View my LinkedIn page). However, if you cannot then the best thing to do when you realize you have Malware on your website check if you still have access to the backend. If you do, great! If you do not. It is time to call a professional because you would need to get your hands dirty and go through a lot of code to find the contamination.

If you are lucky and you catch on quickly.  So you still have access to the backend, your best bet is to install a malware remover. One popular malware remover is Wordfence. I use them a lot because their free plugin is very useful in keeping out hackers who mean your website harm.

How to remove malware and viruses from your website

  • Your best course of action when you install Wordfence is to set up your firewall. Add your IP address as safe and block our URL paths going to infected areas. This will slow the hackers down, and sometimes gives you enough time to run a site-wide scan.

  • Check the result of the scan, wordfence gives false positives sometimes but be sure not to accidentally delete core files, themes, and plugins. Go through each threat and fix the infected codes and lines

  • Once you have gotten rid of the infected lines of code. You can scan your website once more. I would suggest paying for sitelock as an additional protective layer.

How to remove malware and viruses from your website

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