APC Senators Fault Minority Caucus’ Threat to Impeach Buhari

APC Senators fault minority caucus’ threat to impeach Buhari due to his inability to ensure the security of the country.

Members of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in the Senate have expressed their disappointment in the statement made by the minority National Assembly caucus threatening to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari over his failure to solve the worsening security situation in the country.

The minority Peoples Democratic Party lawmakers in the National Assembly had on Tuesday the 4th of May, made the threat while speaking to journalists about the state of the nation after the meeting of the caucus.

On Wednesday the 5th of May after over an hour of discussion in a private meeting, the APC Senate caucus rejected the minority caucus plan, saying that what the opposition lawmakers propose is capable of aggravating an already charged polity.

Chairman of the caucus and Senate Leader, Senator Yahaya Abdullahi explained that though the APC Senators understand the role of the opposition in any democracy, the present situation of things in the country, requires men of good conscience and patriotism to act as leaders and statesmen, rather than play politics with the lives of the citizens.

He said, ”In any democracy, the rights to present criticisms and concerns on the state of the nation’s affairs are unassailable. However, while we respect such rights; which come with obligation and responsibility, we are concerned that the statement issued by the Minority Caucus is capable of overheating an already charged polity in which men of good conscience and patriotism are expected to act as leaders and Statesmen.

”While we acknowledge the natural disposition of playing politics, we are worried and disturbed that our colleagues are playing with lives. The unfortunate state of insecurity; for which the Senate has continuously debated and issued resolutions to support the actions of the executive under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari in the overriding interest of the public, is too delicate to play with.
”We reject and dissociate ourselves from all and any inflammatory statements that appear to threaten the authority of Mr. President and our party. We accordingly, wish to remind them that blame game and threats of “constitutional measures” are unwelcome and will not help in any form to address the challenges the nation currently faces.”

The ranking Senator clarified the assumptions that the President had not been seen efficiently manning the affairs of the country.

Furthermore, he described the allegations as false and cheap politics, Abdullahi said President Buhari and the Service Chiefs were busy day and night trying to come up with solutions to the security challenges across the entire country.

He also recalled that the President had always assured Nigerians and the international community that he would continue to do his best in making sure that the problems of insecurity are handled effectively.

The Senate leader encouraged Nigerians to work with the President because he was discharging his duties honestly and patriotically.

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